TAI was established as a joint
venture by Turkish and foreign
shareholders in 1984 for the coproduction
of F-16 aircraft in Turkey. In
theyear 2005, theTurkishsidepursued
a mid-term investment strategy, and
acquired the shares of the foreign
partner, which was followed by a
restructure to buildthestepstoward a
“World Brand Aerospace Company.
”In 2005,aftertheacquisition of foreign
shares and consolidation, investment
for engineeringtodeveloptheirown IP
and seeking broader international
collaborations were initiated. TAI has
started workingin an increasingscale
with all the major OEM’s in
aerostructures, executing complex
design and manufacturing processes,
started to extend the capabilities like
modernization and mission conversion
programs (C-130, T-38, Black Hawk
and Cobra Avionics Modernization,
F-16 Modernization, AEW&C and
MPA/MSA mission conversions), and
finally had the capability to design,
develop and manufacture own
products like ANKA UAS, HÜRKUŞ
New Generation Trainer, T129 ATAK
helicopter and even the observation
TAI’s annual revenue increased
nearly 10 times to more than 900
million US$, the number of employees
increased 2 times to 4.500 in the past
10 years. To cope with the rapid growth,
Strategic Business Units in accordance
with the field of activities such as
Aircraft, Helicopter, Aerostructures,
UAV Systemsand Space Systems
were established to increase the
effectiveness in management and
product development.
The steps to OEM status were
taken in the recent years with ANKA
Medium Altitude Long Endurance
Generation Trainer Aircraft programs.
In 2013, after the qualification of ANKA
UAV, the serial production contract
for 10 additional systems of ANKA-S
on October 25, 2013 was signed
withthe Turkish Undersecretariat for
DefenseIndustries (SSM) marking
the OEM status for our development

multi-mission operations:
›› Command and Control
›› Intelligence, Surveillance and
›› Sensor/Weapon Control
›› Anti-Submarine Warfare
›› Surface Warfare
›› Anti-Air Warfare
›› Mine Warfare
›› Electronic Warfare
›› Amphibious Operations (for LST and LPD
type ships)
›› Tactical Navigation functions with support
of ARPA, (W) ECDIS, (W) AIS.
›› On-board Training & Simulation
GENESİS CMS is well suited for
all types of platforms ranging from
corvettes up to large frigates, and
amphibious ships such as LST and
LPDs. Havelsan can integrate any
subsystem to GENESİS taking the most
effective tactical use into consideration.
GENESİS provides the ship and
the command team with outstanding
operational capabilities in support of all
mission types, both in the open seas as
well as in littoral regions.
Excellence in situational awareness
and rapid & precise tactical response
in all warfare domains are appreciated
features of the GENESİS CMS.
Support for interoperability in allied/
coalition operations, onboard training,
recording (logging) and debriefing are
key characteristics of GENESİS CMS.
The flexibility of GENESİS modular
open architecture provides advantages
for the design of modern combat
systems as well as for the upgrade of
existing systems.
GENESİS CMS benefits from
the latest information management
technologies by using commercialoff-
the-shelf (COTS) hardware and
software. This approach is ideally suited
to support the evolving capability of the
platform throughout its in-service life.
Operational Systems
GENESİS currently is at the
core of the Turkish Navy’s following
›› G-Class (Ex Oliver Hazard Perry)
Frigates (8 Platforms)
›› MILGEM (National Corvette)
›› LST (Amphibious Ship)
After necessary adaptation,
GENESİS CMS also supports MPA,
submarines or in the Land Based
Surveillance/C2 Centers. The tested,
highly reliable hardware, infrastructure
and application software makes
GENESİS an extremely capable and
low-risk solution.
Next Generation Combat
Management Systems
In order to keep up with the latest
technological innovations, Havelsan,
in cooperation with the Turkish Navy,
now implements new capabilities to
GENESIS such as network support.
Important technological advantages
provided by network enabled CMS are
as follows;
›› Feasible, economic and robust integration
of weapon and sensor systems
›› Transition to the network enabled warfare
›› Direct processing of network data by
›› High performance track processing
›› Fully integrated Link 11/16/22 capability
›› Enhanced decision support and display
›› Highly fault tolerant and easily
customizable system for user needs
Projects in the Middle
East and North Africa
The development of technological
capabilities in Turkey, especially in the
defence industry, is one of the major
reasons for the increase in relations
within the region. Havelsan is a strong
partner of this development with its
solutions and capabilities. Since
2011, Havelsan has been carrying out
international marketing and business
development activities globally. The
Gulf region is one of the highly focused
regions of Havelsan in international
marketing. In addition to the CMS
solutions mentioned above, Havelsan
also offers expertise in Command
Control, Information Technologies, and
Simulation and Training solutions. Its
experience and technology transfer
strategy, combined with Turkey’s
cultural ties with the region, motivate
Havelsan to get into the Middle East
market. The opportunities that Havelsan
follows in North Africa, the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar
and Oman are mainly based on this
strategy. The increasing requirements
of the region’s countries on defence
systems are also strategically
critical for Havelsan to take care.
The independency and reliability of
the systems are becoming the main
concern for the potential customers of
the region. At this point, Havelsan may
be mentioned among the most reliable
and independent companies globally.
As an outcome of this strong
structure, today, Havelsan became
one of the best partners of the region
and recently Havelsan is training
pilots from the region, constructing
perfectly designed simulation and
training centres, investigating future
needs and supporting the region
in information technologies. With
Havelsan’s technological infrastructure
regarding simulation systems, Havelsan
is confident that F-16 C Block 50 Pilot
Training Simulator Centre by Havelsan
would also meet the requirement of the
Gulf Region Countries (Oman, vs) and
fulfil its mutual expectations. Havelsan
attaches utmost importance to further
developing the current relations with
Gulf countries.
Besides the current projects,
Havelsan has an ambition to evolve
GENESİS for future requirements of
Turkish Navy. With enhanced features
in GENESİS, Havelsan is eager to take
part in LPD and TF 2000 programs.
GENESİS CMS is a strong candidate
for other Navies’ modernization and new
development programs and Havelsan
will be very happy to co-operate with
international partners working in the
naval defense sector.
Havelsan attaches utmost
importance to further developing the
current relations with Gulf countries.
Havelsan is ready to make partners,
share experience and offer best possible
solutions for defence requirements.

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