Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFM) Project has been developed by Emlak Konut Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi A.S., a subsidiary of TOKI (Housing Development Administration (of Turkey)), and carried out basing on the principle of revenue sharing for land sales. The project is situated in a location neighboring with the districts of Atasehir and Umraniye and in the junction
point of 2 main arterial roads: TEM link road in the east and E5 link road in the south. The Head Offices of the institutions, such as the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, T.C. Ziraat Bankasi,
T.C.Halk Bankasi, T.C.Vakiflar Bankasi, Is GYO, BRSA, CMB, TAO, ENISLER, are located in IIFM, the preliminary project of which has been completely developed by HOK. The construction area of the project is approximately 3.181.116 m2. IIFC will be effectively connected to the public transportation network through the Financial Center Station of the new subway line which will connect
Kadikoy-Kartal subway line and Uskudar-Umraniye subway line.

There are a construction area of about 943.335 m2 and 1445 independent units in total in the project, in which Akdeniz Insaat ve Egitim Hizmetleri A.S. developed on an area of 115.497m2 in 3rd Zone (Special Project Area) as well as in the plots of Recreation 1 and Recreation 13 under the scope of IIFC.

The project involves 6 office blocks, ranging from 15-floor to 30-floor buildings, and a 22-floor residence block. The technologically equipped office blocks have 977 independent units on a gross area of approximately 283.270 m2, and residence block has 319 flats with vstudio flats, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms options (1+0, 1+1, 2+1, respectively) on about a gross area of approximately 54.707 m2.
Out of a shopping mall area of approximately 98.000 m2 in the whole IIFC Project, a part of around 41.000 m2 has been undertaken by Akdeniz Insaat. There are 149 commercial units in total in our part. Along with the commercial units at various sizes, the shopping mall has 8 cinema halls and a conference center, which is to host the global shows and well-known communities with its
capacity of 2500 people on a gross area of approximately 35.259 m2.
The project has a parking garage for about 6900 vehicles in 3 plots. In the 3rd Zone, there are 2100 vehicle parking spaces for office blocks while 319 parking spaces are allocated for residence block.

IIFC is a highly prestigious project, therefore, the architecture of the buildings have been designed accordingly. The buildings have been planned in compliance with the criterion of Performance-Based Design, the valid regulations and standards. IIFC Project is a candidate for globally-accepted LEED GOLD certificate in terms of Green buildings. In respect of fire safety, both national and international regulations (NFPA) and standards have been observed. Within the complex, the heating system is operated through natural gas-fired boilers while cooling system is controlled through chiller-system groups. The Project has a high-quality infrastructure of Information Technologies to satisfy the expectations of finance sector. Consequently, IIFC Project is to become
one of the special financial centers as a model project with its remarkable quality in global standards in terms of the disciplines of transportation, sustainability, static, mechanic, electrical, geotechnical and safety systems, information technologies and infrastructure.

The Gross Floor Height in Residence Block (Block A) is 3.50 m. The Gross Floor Height in Office Blocks (Blocks B, C, D, E, F, G) is 4.30 m.

In the perspective section of our magazine, every month we analyze a company that is on a successful increase and has achieved a success in its field. This month’s guest is LAZZONI… We were together with LAZZONI for 2 days… Here are our observations;
LAZZONI, with more than 60 years of experience, reliability and quality, has earned a rightful reputation in its sector and is one of the leading companies in the furniture sector. Also today with the third generation, the company, which transforms the power coming from its ambition and determination into confidence, continues to grow steadily with the right investments. It ranks among the most distinguished brands thanks to its different designs, service quality and the products aimed at the groups with high level of taste and expectation.
LAZZONI, whose journey of branding extends back to 1950s, is a brand that is Ankara-centered but facing to the world. Yaşar Kababulut , the son of Osman Kababulut who laid the foundation of the brand fifty years ago, has managed the brand successfully for many years. Yaşar Kababulut says:” We are a family company. Handing over the f lag is a very critical issue. Therefore, the families should guide their children for their choice of profession while planning for their family companies. The vocational education that would be provided for their children in line with the vision and goals of the family company is important for the companies.”


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