Based on the gracious directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. / Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and his interest in supporting athletes and sports
in general, and ancestors sports in particular, given the equestrian nobility; His Highness decided to establish the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club in 1982 next to the sixth bridge, Al- Zaid Road. The club covers an area of 3000 km2 that includes the largest covered showroom in the Middle East. The club had the primary role of encouraging racing track sports through the establishment of the first racing track that complies with the international specifications, as well as by holding the first race with the onset of official races in the country in 1983 on the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club track.

The Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club also contains several sections which are:
• A school for training and teaching Equestrian arts
• Sharjah Stable for Purebred Arabian studs
• Obstacle Jumping Section
• Race Track
• Covered Showroom
• Stables to house horses during tournaments
• Approved Vet Quarantine.
• Hotel to host the teams participating in the
• International meetings that are held in the club
• Health Club to serve racers and members
• Veterinary Hospital to serve and treat horses.
• Fertility Center
• Horse transport

Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club also includes all of the various official equestrian activities in one place Race The first official race in the United Arab Emirates launched on the Sharjah Equestrian Club race track in 1983. Since that date, the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club holds 6 races every sport season. Arabic Horses The Club represented the United Arab Emirates
states in the first international appearance in the World Championship for Arabic Horses in 1986 in Morocco and then the United Arab Emirates joined for membership WAHO Obstacle Jumping
Most of the horsemen of the United Arab Emirates stared at the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club. The club has taken care of the riders and trained them to represent UAE in international forums.

The Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club is considered the oldest and largest equestrian monument in the country. It has presented to the national teams many outstanding horsemen, especially in obstacle jumping, as training and preparation of horsemen has been planned in a scientific manner that has proved its ability and success in the producing of successive generations of horsemen who support this sport with excellent results at the international and local levels. The club has provided for this purpose all the basics for success through the selection of highly professional coaches. The Sharjah Club annually organizes two international tournaments for obstacle jumping; the Sharjah International Championship for Obstacle Jumping that qualifies to three-star World Cup in addition to the Ruler of Sharjah Obstacle Jumping Cup . The club also hosts a total of 6 local obstacle jumping tournaments within the Emirates Tournament under the auspices
of the Emirates Equestrian Federation.

Veterinarian Quarantine The club contains within its establishment a Veterinarian Quarantine (stable insulation) 10 minutes away from the Sharjah International Airport. The Sharjah quarantine is in accordance with international standards and is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The Sharjah Quarantine offers the following services:
• Export quarantine before horse travel.
• Receiving Imported horses.
• Temporary quarantine.
• Veterinarian Quarantine for horses coming to participate in tournaments (obstacle jumping, beauty shows, races etc.).

Training School The training school at the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club is an ideal school accredited by the British Association for Horses (BHS) and is considered one of the most important equestrian schools to teach horseback riding in the United Arab Emirates. Due to the succession of generations, the club has an interest in young and new students at the various equestrian art school, and the club provides the latest training methods as well as a group of qualified coaches at the highest level. In addition to the group of pony horses (Small size horses) to
attract children and begin training them to ride horses at a young age.


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