Dear Mr. Erol, You have developed an innovative product which reduces the costs of chemotherapy treatment. Could you tell us a little bit about “Oncocare” ? How did you come up with this new idea? 70% of cancer patients receive chemotherapy treatment. As you know, chemotherapy drugs are toxic drugs, which means that they damage cells and living tissues and can be very harmful even at the smallest doses. Chemotherapy is prepared according to the stage, height, weight, sex, etc. of the patient and it is applied by diluting in a serum. Because the chemotherapy drugs are very expensive and it is a patient-specific treatment, there was a need for a system that will meet all of them. We have been working on all the systems used in the world since 2007 and we have given different kinds of services in various institutions. During these services, we had the experience of preparing more than 250,000 chemotherapy drugs, through which we learnt all the systems in the world and what the hospitals’ and patients’ needs are. We have launched our R&D Project to meet the needs arising from the legal regime in Turkey and in the World in this issue. After a 3-year-research, we have developed “STVS” technology by the end of 2013. STVS is a fully automatic advanced technology which is compatible with the definitions and criteria that the chemotherapy drug preparation systems must comply. Excellent, don’t you have an alternative in this field at the moment? In fact, we developed this product as an alternative to the current systems in the world. The current systems were developed to prepare antibiotics and liquid drugs and they have been modified to prepare chemotherapy drugs. Oncocare is the unique chemotherapy drug preparation system in the world that has been developed for the preparation of only chemotherapy drugs. It has been just developed for chemotherapy treatment and just for the needs of patients.

What are the advantages for patients and hospitals? We can prepare drugs precisely according to the protocol that the doctor proposes, which is essential for an effective treatment. As a result of user carelessness, these drugs, specially prepared for the patient, could be applied to wrong patients. By the help of Oncocare’s identification (ID) system, these problems have been removed. The Oncocare device also complies with the Class IIB safety conditions. By using leakproof connectors for the first time in the device, they reduce the risk of toxic damages of chemotherapy drugs to the minimum for the patients, employees and the environment. Whole of a vial of drug may not be used during a chemotherapy session. In such cases, because there were no suitable conditions, the remaining part of the drugs used to be discarded. Because of disposal of thesevery expensive medicines, there was a tremendous loss/waste. We have developed a system to follow-upremaining drugs with Oncocare, which provides up to25% drug savings.It has also provided workforce savings.Another advantage we offer is that the drugs are prepared untouched.These dangerous pharmaceutical wastes are transported safely with a fully enclosed waste system,which is available at Oncocare.If a health organization thinks of installing this system,how much will it cost?Thank you very much, as this is a very important question. Chemotherapy drugs are prepared manually using connectors or needles. When the costs per drug are examined, it is seen that it costs around $16-25 in European, North American and GCC countries. By using Oncocare Monolithic, our health institutes will be able to have this system without paying an additional cost … Is Oncocare currently in use? Yes, over 500,000 drugs for over 300,000 patients are applied per year by using Oncocare devices in 26 Oncology centers. Do you have a solution partner in the GCC Region? What is your strategy for this region? After establishing our company in Europe in 2016, we plan to start the organization procedures in the GCC region in the first quarter of 2017. Installing of the systems in at least two centers to be the reference, and the removal of manual applications with the beginning of the new procedure are two of our objectives. For further information, please contact us at


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